Tyler and Kaylee

Photography Session:

  • Outdoors in field of tall wheat-like foilage (great backdrop)...0$
  • Perfect lighting, bouncing off everything creating a warm glow...0$
  • Ants crawling up your subjects legs...priceless! 

Got to shoot Tyler and Kaylee this weekend.  It was hot outside, yes...muggy too,  but I thought we could be quick and get some good pictures before they were totally frazzled.  Well, it wasn't the heat that did them in, it was the ants and once they were stung it was OVER!  SO...we ended up going inside to my dining room, threw up a couple black sheets and came up with these.  Not really what I had in mind but in a way I'm kind of glad Kaylee stepped on that ant hill =)  Even got Robyn in a couple of them!

So did I learn a lesson this weekend?  Nah...

Did Tyler and Kaylee learn a lesson?  Prolly so!