the sandwich...

Project 365: Day 182

Reminds me that I think way too much about food.   But let me just say for the record...if this were an actual sandwich, it would not have cubed cheese on it.  It would in fact have potato chips and a ton of mayo.  I just happened to be cleaning out my fridge. 

But this brings me to another point...if there actually is one.   Food has been a comfort to me lately. 
With the stress holidays, whatever...It's been food that I have turned to.  I'm showing it, my clothes are showing it, my health is showing it.  So...things have got to change.   

I wrote this a few years ago, in a blog that my friend and I started to help us be accountable to each other with our eating habits.  

"I don't know how to make my mind click like O is telling me. I don't
know how to say, "Lisa, that Whataburger is NOT good for you,
eating it will NOT make you feel better!" Instead I say, "Lisa don't
you want a Whataburger right about now...why, yes...yes I do"
and there goes my car into the drive thru!

So I've been thinking this week about portion control.
I know I have a problem with this. When I go to a Mexican
restaurant and they have the bottomless chips and salsa,
I will sit there and eat it before the meal, during the meal AND
after. Even after I can't stuff another bite into my mouth I will
go for those last few chips in the basket. WHY????? Why do I do
that? Why do I ask the people at the next table if they are going
to eat what's left of their chips...ha, just kidding I would NEVER!
But seriously I'm just as gross. So I'm thinking I need to start
watching how much I eat.

Like for instance, Ryan and I went to Flaming Wok the other night.
I ordered the child's plate because I didn't want to eat all the food
they normally pile onto their dinner. BUT, it was still a big portion
and about half way through I started feeling full. Did I stop? NO I didn't!
I just kept on eating until I was about to pop! It was just SO stink'n tasty!
But I got to thinking after I left there (thank goodness Ryan was driving
so I could lay my seat back a little.  I was stuffed!) that I could have
asked for a to-go box and when I got home or the next day I could have
ate a little more if I wanted to. Why did I feel like I had to totally eat all of it right then?"

So...for what's left of this holiday season, I will think about portion control. No more reaching for food when I start thinking of something stressful.  Maybe I'll get up from my desk at work and take a short walk or something, I don't know...we'll see...