quiet night...

Christmas Eve...

It's so extremely quiet right now.  I can hear the wind blowing outside...I can hear the sound of my own breathing...but that is it.  Still...quiet...

Now I hear the sound of a train whistle.  It's lonely....it sounds so sad.  

Project 365: Day 135 


"Remains lay smoking
Crawling little by little I can hardly breathe
Unprotected exposed to the numbing conditions I feel no pain
Falling in the snow, dazed and confused, paralyzed with fear
together for warmth in the trees, where are the lights, where is help,
only the silence ...Help me 

Still the sky was empty
Freezing fog decended,
And the snow began to fall
Silence was an enemy, more hated than the cold
So we whispered stories to help us forget..."

---Donna Lewis