3:00 am - White trash neighbor arrives home from vacation.

3:01 am - White trash neighbor put's out small dog belonging to lady staying at his house because,                         "Dog's don't have no business being in no house".

3:02 am - Small dog begins barking...incessantly.

3:03 am - I wake up after being asleep only a couple hours.

3:08 am - I go outside and across the street to tell the precious little one to SHUT THE HE** UP!!

3:09 am - Little dog freaks out and runs to the backyard to hide.

3:10 am - I lay back down to try and sleep.

3:12 am - I feel terrible about scaring the little dog.

3:13 am - I realize I can not go back to sleep...thinking that the little dog is upset. 

3:14 am - I eat 2 chocolate chip cookies out of guilt.

3:17 am - Little dog starts its incessant barking again. 

3:18 am - Big dogs down the street begin barking. 

3:19 am - Guilt is gone...irritation has returned.

3:23 am - I take a double dose of Prozac to try and wash away the irritation. 

3:25 am - I think of all the things I'm going to say to white trash man across the street later today.

3:45 am - Little dog is still barking................