"Do something for somebody  EVERYDAY  for which you do not get paid..."

--- Albert Schweitzer

Project 365: Day 199

My sister-n-law, Michelle, has cancer on her nose.  She is having it removed and then a couple days later will have reconstructive surgery to repair it.  I know this has got to be weighing heavy on her mind but she has kept such a positive, upbeat attitude throughout this entire ordeal.  I don't think I would be so positive about it.  Matter-a-fact, knowing the way my mind works, I'm SURE I would not have such a good outlook on it all.  Every time I see her...even when she is talking about it, she has kept a smile on her face.  So in this new year, where I am trying to be more positive, I am going to try and learn from her.  I respect her optimism and hope that someday I will have more of that spirit!   So...the raffle tickets in this picture are for a fund raiser to help pay for the cost of her surgeries. They are $10 each and the winner gets a brand new Glock 9mm G-19 pistol.  Say what??  Send me an email if you are interested in tickets to itsjustmephotography@gmail.com   

To those who have already bought tickets from me...THANK YOU.  I was a little surprised at how quick people where to purchase them.  Not for the gun (although that was the motivation for some) but for the opportunity to help out someone in need.  My friends, you have inspired me...thank you.